As we’ve had time to do a little exploring, we have  found a lot of amazing things that were buried (or just left out in a field) and were completely hidden by unchecked growth over the years.  OK, we’ve found a lot of junk too.  Gator has made it his mission to get this place cleaned up and get the junk out of here.  He definitely has his work cut out for him!

Just a little clearing of brush revealed this beautiful rock wall and steps!

IMG_5980 IMG_5802


We also found this old spring house.


IMG_5756 IMG_5757

It wasn’t the well for the house but it was probably used to send water to the barns (which are no longer standing).  This project is going to have to be low priority.

Then there are the burn piles – everywhere.  Gator has been taking advantage of the cool weather to get them burned down.


This one had to be moved because it was in the yard and right next to a tree.


Under it, we found a fountain.



We found another fountain under a different pile.


We have found remnants of an old building still standing – it is full of great old barn wood and stacks of flagstone.


This is the concrete foundation to a building that was buried under several feet of dirt.  It is in perfect condition – not a crack in it!


Here’s a pile of old equipment.


There is an old wagon wheel in there.  If we can get it dug out, I’d like to decorate with it.

I’m sure past owners had no idea some of this stuff was here.  It’s a little overwhelming, but the fun part is finding the treasures among the junk!