We have had just spectacular weather the past several days.


Not knowing how many more beautiful weekends we are going to have before winter,  Gator and I took advantage and got an enormous amount of work done.

All three water troughs got scrubbed, both horses got bathed and their brushes got cleaned.  That would have been a successful weekend right there – but no!!  We got so much more done than that.  We washed windows, got firewood cut and cleaned the chicken coop too.

To top it all off, Gator and I both rode our horses twice!!  I’m telling you, that’s a feat.  It’s a big deal when I get to ride twice in one weekend – when Gator rides twice, well, I can’t remember the last time that happened…

All of this activity has been exhausting for the dogs.  They are wiped out!


As for me, I’m wiped out too.  I’m going to sleep well tonight!